Blissfully Delish: Gordon Ramsay Three Star Chef

Not too long ago, I was invited to participate as contributing writer for the fabulous Blissfully Domestic, sharing all things food, of course.  In fact, tomorrow, my first article will be published on the Blissfully Delish channel with many more to come along with other great foodie contributors.  If you haven’t had time to visit this amazing website, then you need to get on over there.  Whether it’s information about photography, or personal finance, homeschooling, or health, you’re bound to find much that will catch your eye.  I never cease to be amazed at the talent of people I meet on the Internet and the communities that develop as a result of their creativity and hard work.  I know you’ll agree!

Here’s something else you may be interested in.  Sass & Veracity will soon welcome its 100,000 visitor — something I’m very proud of!  Therefore, I thought it would be fun to say thanks to my visitors in style, and offer something special to one lucky person.

Because I can’t pinpoint who will be the 100,000th visitor, I’m going to do this instead:

Starting today, September 10th, and ending a month from now, October 10th, for each post that you visit and leave a comment on, I will submit your name to be randomly drawn to receive the soon to be released Three Star Chef by Gordon Ramsay which I have pre-ordered for this auspicious occasion.  Ahem.  Well, what’s a celebration without people?   When the dust settles, in grand round-up style, I’ll post the links of all who visited and commented along with an announcement of the winner of this lovely book.  Are you game?  Okay, start your engines!

Wait — I almost forgot.  A party wouldn’t be a party without food and drink, would it?  You thought you’d just get away with comments, right?  Fat chance.  Submit something luscious that would have Gordon would die for.  Something that will bowl him over.  Send him swooning to tastebud heaven.  You know, something he wouldn’t yell at you about.

Send an email to:  sassandveracity [at] gmail [dot] com before midnight PST

Include the following:
Your Name
Your Location
Your Blog’s Name and URL
The permalink for the post
A Photo of your party offering

By all means, take a piece of Gordon with you and post it on your blog if you wish.