And so this is Christmas…

The past week has been a whirlwind of activity with Christmas flying by at an unprecedented rate and leaving me wondering if it actually happened.  A glance around the house suggests otherwise as remnants of opened presents and ingredients for meals enjoyed with family lie here and there, waiting to be tucked into their rightful places.  Certainly, I’m not Martha.

Between Thanksgiving and the end of January, our family celebrates five birthdays and three wedding anniversaries, now that my mother has recently married at the amazing age of 72.  Although these occasions do add to the festivities, they can leave me feeling a bit winded and craving days where time allows for the anticipation of fun.  I still haven’t lost my interest in holiday projects, but this year, after purchasing materials for a wreath, still have those materials sitting in a closet untouched.  I suppose there is still time to consider that I, too, might some day be a domestic maven and prepare things well in advance of their need.

There’s always next year, isn’t there?

I hope that your holidays thus far have been safe and memorable, that the calories you’ve ingested have been from truly exceptional food,  and that you haven’t had to choose a new belt notch for comfort.

Now…what should I make with the rest of that enormous roast we made for Christmas Eve?

8 thoughts on “And so this is Christmas…

  1. In all the whirlwind of having 3 college-aged kids home, I neglected to take a single picture – not of the kids, the decorations, or the food. What’s wrong with me?! As for the leftover roast, I like to make a quick stroganoff when I have leftover beef. Happy New Year!

    1. Stroganoff sounds tasty — I caramelized some onions and made some bread for open-faced sandwiches and ended up just eating the parts separately. Not bad!

    2. I know what you mean. I finally put down my camera when it was time to head up to my sister-in-law’s house for dinner. Just too tired. It was nice to just enjoy the company!

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