San Diego Food Bloggers Bake Sale a Huge Success!

Berries are everywhere right now and quite affordable, making it a challenge to walk by them in the market.  This made it easy to decide what I’d make for the recent bake sale San Diego Food Bloggers held in support of Share Our Strength‘s national Great American Bakesale engineered to raise money to help end childhood hunger in America, however.  I’ve made quite the variety of tarts in the last year so knew just which recipe I’d use, then realized when I’d made them previously, strawberries weren’t in the mix and I had 2 lbs. of fresh, gorgeous strawberries to use.

Does anyone bake strawberry tarts?

Well, sure they do, and as usual, I seem to be the last to know.  The strawberry tarts I’m familiar with are those made with whole berries and a super sweet bright red syrup poured over them sitting in a cooked pie shell.  I’ve never understood the attraction being more of a strawberry shortcake kind of person, so never considered making anything like that — unless the tart has a lovely layer of pastry cream covering the shell and is lightly brushed with warm quince jelly.

It seems baked strawberry pies are quite the old fashioned treat — especially for those who keep their own strawberry patches.  The recipe is quite simple, involving the berries, brown sugar, and cinnamon and although I didn’t get to taste one of the finished tarts, I can attest to the quality of the juice produced by that mixture because I did do a bit of slurping from the remnants.  A cook has to taste test, right?

The downside to making the tarts was the larger than my estimates tart pans which produced a mere eight tarts, so I made eight blueberry tarts as well.  But 16 tarts wasn’t enough for my share of promised goods for the bake sale, so I also made some tropical fruit free-form tarts, and some large jam-filled hand pies inspired by these Valentines Day pies.  Is it rude to admit I was over making pie dough by the time the tarts were finished?

All for a great cause, so very worth it!

Huge thanks to Marie of Meandering Eats, our fearless leader and organizer extraordinaire, who recruited and emailed, and orchestrated, and supported us along the way…

Banana Bread made by Bakerita.

Lori of Recipe Girl brought her Baseball Cookies.

Soft chocolate chip cookies from Ashleigh of -Chantilly et Foie and pumpkin treats from Happy Yolks.

…and to the creativity of nearly 30 participants whose baking talents helps us raise more than $1700.  I sold all but one tart and donated what was left of the $20 I brought to purchase my comrades’ goods with.  So many tasty, tasty treats!  We also benefited from the generosity of our gracious hosts at Great News! where we set up.  They tempted those of us on their mailing list with a raffle, to which Wilton also contributed three huge baskets of baking goodies, courtesy of Amanda of The Cilantropist who made the great connection while at Camp Blogaway.  Alas, none of the day’s bakers won the raffle.

Fabulous Peanut Butter Chocolate Krisp Treats made by Kim of Live Life Too.

AMAZING Lemon Bars made by Mary of foodies: a southern california food blog.  I only gave my husband a little smidgen of the tiniest bite, poor guy.

I found out about Rosie Lee’s, a new British foods shop in San Diego, so will be taking a field trip day there soon.


And I finally got to meet Kathy of Panini Happy and Amanda of What We’re Eating.  Check out Amanda’s bag stuffed with goodies!

I also got to meet Amy from Do You Know the Muffin Pan? (how cute is that name?), Stephanie of The Recipe Renovator, Jenny of Vintage Sugarcube and Jenny of Foray into Food, whom I’ve known since my early Daring Baker days.  She and I always forget we both live in San Diego for some reason.

There were so many more I didn’t get to say hello to, but plan on doing just that the next time we all have the chance to get together.  Nice going, San Diego Food Bloggers.  Very.

p.s.  I’ll get you the strawberry tart recipe shortly, but I’m headed to BlogHer Food in Atlanta this next weekend, so cross your fingers that I get it written before I go.  It’s a great recipe!


30 thoughts on “San Diego Food Bloggers Bake Sale a Huge Success!

  1. So fun!! I want every berry tart there. You know….if they travel well, I know a girl here in Atlanta that will take some off your hands (if you whip some up again).

    See you in a couple of days!!! 🙂

    1. Hey Chris :). Can’t wait to meet your lovely self after FOUR years! As far as mailing tarts go, it would be fun to do it just to have you photograph the condition they arrived in, I’m thinking. Would be hilarious, I’m sure.

  2. This is a beautiful bake sale. Everything is wrapped so nicely and looks so tasty. You did an amazing job. Congratulations. I’m glad it was a big hit.

    1. El, it was so much fun. It the positive energy could have been packaged and sold as well, it would have made the day perfect. Lots of great food bloggers in San Diego and I think we’re all a bit surprised by that. Very nice!

    1. ThanIs, Katrina. People really knocked themselves out for the sale and the people who stopped by were so appreciative. Lots and lots of fun!

  3. oh crap. i did not write it down and then missed it! I would still be up for the pasties, and donation, if it is ok to do when you feel like it. i assume they will take a donation any time, right?

    1. Anne, you have to know that well into my third round of dough, I mentioned to Phil that I’d forgotten to call you about the pasties. Honestly, I don’t know when ,I would have been able to make them. If you are still interested, absolutely! I’ll send you an email. And thanks for the feedback on the blog. It’s taken me a while and I still have so much to figure out, but it’s getting there 🙂

  4. Good times and good treats! Congratulations on a successful bake sale. I’m liking the new look!

    See you in a couple of days!!

  5. hi kelly,
    it was so nice meeting you at the bakesale. i came towards the end and bought one of your mixed fruit tarts towards the end. you complimented me on my “heavy metal” chain link bracelet. my husband, daughter and i enjoyed your tart later that evening and loved it. i especially liked the crust!

    so many exciting offerings that day! i’m happy to hear that the bakesale was a great success!

    1. Hi and thanks for stopping by! I definitely remember you and went searching for your blog the other day so need to add you to my San Diego people list! Glad you enjoyed the tart — that crust is great, isn’t it? It’s a Martha Stewart recipe. All I do is add orange zest to the lemon in it. Very sturdy :). Hope to see you at the next event!

  6. Hi Kelly! I bought one of your blueberry tarts, which I shared with my husband. It was so good and that crust rocked! I was the one walking around with the box of goodies (hehe).

  7. Congratulations on the success of SDFB Bake Sale! It would have been a great excuse for me to go “home” and participate (baking and buying).

    1. It was great — and it would have been even better to have met you there! Maybe our paths will cross soon — any blogging events in your future plans?

  8. It was great to finally meet you! I’m sad I didnt get to try one of your tarts, they look so yummy! I must try the recipe once you post it. I definitely feel your pain, I helped out with the Bewise Ranch farm to table dinner last summer and ended up making something like 200 peach pies and nearly drove myself insane!!

    1. 200 pies is CRAZY! I think I have a plan for the next time I do this, though. Great to finally meet you as well, jenny. I need to take some cake lessons from you.

  9. A fabulous event filled with fabulous people! It was a real pleasure meeting you on Saturday. I hope we all have more chances like this to mingle!

    1. You should get it going, Ben! It was a lot of fun. Hook your out of town visitors into helping 🙂

  10. I donated brownies but wasnt at the sale b/c I am on vacation in Aruba. There were so many bloggers on our email list, I am just now getting to everyone’s posts…your goodies look awesome!

    Have fun at Blogher and can’t wait to meet you in person!

  11. Those tarts look amazing, and what a wonderful cause. Wish I had been there instead of being cooped up in the office or studying!

  12. Kelly, I know I’m late to the party, but 1) Congrats on the successful bake sale, and 2) I think I could eat alll 200 of your tarts right now – they look incredible, plus..I’ve been eating light and need sugar, especially in one your delicious fruit tarts *sigh*. I can only dream lol

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