Quick & Easy Hot Deli Style Chicken Sandwich

It’s late afternoon and the day has been more busy than expected.

You glance at the clock realizing you haven’t given dinner much thought and since take out was on the menu last night,  you’re probably going to have to make dinner tonight.  You don’t really want to make dinner because you’re tired, but you’re also hungry and something with all the right flavors would really hit the spot.  A mental scan of the fridge and pantry contents isn’t adding up to much — or is it?

There’s sliced cheese, some deli meat, and a few jars of things like roasted peppers, pepperoncinis, and olives.  You know you always have onions, some salad greens. Maybe even a slice of bacon or two.  Wait.  Isn’t there some left over chicken as well?

A quick stop at the store for some crusty bread and it looks like sandwich night is in order.

No fuss, no muss.


Quick & Easy Hot Deli Style Chicken Sandwich Recipe


1 loaf French bread, unsliced

chicken meat, cooked and sliced

salami or other deli meat

provolone or other cheese

onions, sliced and sauteed

avocado, mashed and seasoned with salt and pepper

sliced tomatoes


arugula or other salad greens tossed very lightly with vinaigrette


  1. Slice the loaf of bread lengthwise like it’s a giant hot dog bun.
  2. Spread each side with mustard or your favorite sandwich condiment.
  3. Cover the bottom slice of bread loaf with the chicken, then layer the sauteed onions over the chicken.
  4. Cover the onions with the cheese.
  5. Place the bottom slice of bread on a baking sheet and slide into the oven on broil, watching it carefully until the cheese melts.  Remove from oven.
  6. Now add any deli meat you have to cover the melted cheese.
  7. Finish with the tomatoes, avocado and salad greens.
  8. Place the top slice of bread loaf over the loaded bottom slice.
  9. Insert skewers into the loaf along its length.
  10. Slice between skewers and serve.

Recipe Notes:

  • We’ve been eating these for years.  They came in especially handy when the boys were home.
  • They’re different every time I make them, but a favorite method is to cover the cheese with the deli meat and add the top of the bread.  Wrap the whole thing in foil and heat about 15-20 minutes.  Open it up, then add the veggies.  Super good.
  • Roasted peppers, pepperoncinis, olives, tapenade, and goat cheese have all been included in this sandwich.
  • Having a quick get together or want something for halftime during a football game?  Try this.
  • Experiment with different kinds of bread as well — like an entire boule.  Just cut it into quarters and it’s ready to go!