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Blueberry Cupcakes and Berry Cream Cheese Ice Cream

When Lis of Daring Baker fame asked me to do a post for The Daring Kitchen for July 4th, I thought, sure, no problema.  Absolutely. I’ll get right on that. I imagined all the red, white, and blue possibilites available and scrimped time here and there to google and oogle all that I could find […]

Quatro Leches Cake with Blackberry Sauce

  I’m notorious for rarely making a recipe more than once.  I have been known, however, to make a dish again and again with a new recipe each time.  I know this isn’t a novel concept, and I guess some may consider it crazy.  For example:  You’ve been invited to a dinner party and you’ve […]

Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Mousseline Buttercream

When we are invited to my husband’s sister’s house, I usually offer to bring a salad and dessert.  When I think of it, that pretty much sums me up, and I’m smiling because I’ve never thought about it quite like that before.  I love salad and vegetables, and I enjoy making dessert.  Often those are […]

German Chocolate Cake: Inside-out

My sister celebrated a birthday recently, and since we both believe that sending a card or present across the country for this event is necessary, I’ve been trying to think of other ways to celebrate.  You know — it’s the thought that counts sort of thing.  Two years ago, I posted a tribute to her.  […]