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San Diego Patio Garden Makeover

<img alt="Welcome to my Patio"/>

Welcome to our patio garden!

More years ago than I’d like to admit, we began to work on the patio that wraps along the back and one long side of our house.  Our front yard is the size of a postage stamp that the association’s landscapers tend,  so the patio is where I garden — as in plant whatever I’d like to grow in the space we have.  What we lack in planters and a couple of bordered beds I make up for with pots.  I’m a big fan of planting in pots, so think I’ve made the best of this outdoor space.  When we moved in, the patio sported the remnants of a Japanese themed garden complete with a dark, two tiered fountain topped with a geisha of all things.  Azaleas and camellias bloomed in spite of their scraggly appearance, and a Japanese maple filled one of the triangular corner planters.  Jasmine and honeysuckle had formed a tall thatch over one fence, and although lovely when in bloom, was quite a mess otherwise.  When one lives in the most southern corner of the U.S., I wonder about gardens created with plants not suited to a desert environment — one often strapped for water.  Aesthetically, it just didn’t seem to match the south of the border inspired architecture of our house.  Change was inevitable because I wanted to make the most of the space.  I needed a place to lose myself in the simple pleasure that gardening provides as well as a space to eat outside as much as possible, whether with guests, or on our own.

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