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Rosé Sangria with Summer Stone Fruit

<alt img="Sangria Pitcher with Stone Fruit"></alt>

I’ve been jonesin’ for Rosé since returning from Paris and I’m no wine expert, but I could be with the variety I’ve enjoyed over the years.  I’m just not interested in being an expert, preferring to enjoy what I’m sipping when I’m sipping it.   Often.  I do know enough to get me in trouble, however, and so while we were on vacation, I spent the two weeks away from my usual Chardonnay, which when one is from California, is a staple.

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Raspberry Lime Fizz

I’m in Portland, Oregon right now, on a vacation my husband decided he wanted to take relatively late.  This wasn’t supposed to be the year for the big vacation because we enjoyed a Foodie’s Road Trip through New England last Fall which we loved, and are planning to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary late next spring.  Nevertheless, we are on vacation.

Once upon a time while talking in the wee hours of the night, I asked what one thing was not negotiable as we eased into the empty nest years of our lives together, and he responded, “Travel.”  And so that’s what we do whenever we can.  We certainly aren’t trailblazers, and that’s perfectly fine because we’re not out to impress anyone with our ventures.  We like to see what it’s like to venture somewhere we’ve never been — somewhere that isn’t too wild, or requires roughing it to any great degree.  Places where we can see how others live, go about an average day, and eat, of course.

We spent a few days in our beloved San Francisco ready to roll up our sleeves and find an apartment for our youngest who has spent the last two years in dorms and is now ready for something different.  Perhaps it was the seagull whose rather perfectly aimed droppings landed squarely on my head that gave us luck, but we were accepted for the first apartment we found.  Lease signed.  End of story, vacation begins.

Which leads me to Portland.  Why Portland?  Recently, I attended a food blogger’s conference in Seattle and was told by a food writer of some experience that the food is much better here.  I thought the comment interesting and decided that an impromptu vacation could include a place we’d never been — especially if the food is great.

We’ve enjoyed very clear, warm days since our arrival, and although I’ll discuss Portland more at another time, I’d say this Raspberry Lime Fizz is perfect for a warm day anywhere.  And if you’re one who is inclined to imbibe, I think it just may be perfect for a shot of your favorite liquor.

Straw, or even an umbrella optional.

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