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Chile-Brined Fresh Whole Ham

Last November when I was trying to make a decision about the turkey we’d prepare for Thanksgiving, quite by accident, I saw a news segment about a local turkey farmer In San Diego?  I immediately researched to find that yes, we really did have someone who raised turkeys in Valley Center, just north of San Diego.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity and ended up not only with an excellent organic turkey, but I was able to meet the farmer, Jack Ford of Taj Farms who delivered the bird to my kitchen.  We had a great talk about how he started raising poultry and other animals on a farm that actually began as a hobby.  But this isn’t about the turkey.

It’s about pork.

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Brined Pork Roast with Mushroom Sage Polenta and Collards


Everyone’s been waxing prolifically about the onset of Fall weather, and although I can say that maybe…but only a slight maybe…the air in the early morning has a slight chill, there’s no way it’s Fall here yet.  Of course the calendar swears it’s October.  And yes, magazines have arrived sporting all things orange, brown, and sage green.  Grocery stores have displays of apples in every size and color, and yes, oddly shaped squash and pumpkin are everywhere.  So I pretend, and I indulge myself by fixing a braised piece of meat and some vegetables knowing that the resident hunkster will smile when he sits down with his plate to yell at the television and one of his many fantasy football players’ latest indiscretions on the field.  That’s how I really know that Fall has arrived, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, whether the sun is shining and the palms are swaying in the breeze or not.

This is a lovely and satisfying meal that takes some time to prepare since the roast needs to be brined over night.  I’d say that qualifies it for being slow, wouldn’t you?  The cooking time isn’t all that long, however, so the pay off is big.  Plus, there’s a Low and Slow event being held at The Constable’s Larder I’d like to send this off to.  Today’s the last day, and true to form, here I am late even though I prepared this meal well in advance and specifically for the event.  In fact I prepared two.  Funny how that works, isn’t it?

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