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Mexican…Erm…Welsh Rarebit

Mexican…Erm…Welsh Rarebit

When it comes to cheese, I guess I tend to lean toward the white side of things more so than the yellow or orange, so that means that mozzarella, feta, goat, and provolone are what I reach for first when I'm standing in front of […]

Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon and Tomatoes

Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon and Tomatoes

It's been just about as cold as it ever gets here, hovering around 50 or so, and although the sun is bright, I'm freezing, so that means dinnertime is all about comfort food. Comfort food warms me just thinking about it.  It comes in large […]

Bread:  Bacon and 3-Cheese Mother Loaf

Bread: Bacon and 3-Cheese Mother Loaf


I’m wondering if this post begins where it just ended — with a grilled cheese sandwich that if I wasn’t so full of right now, would have me back in the kitchen putting together another.  In thinking about it though, I’m not sure if it was the apple smoked cheddar and sopressata, or the bread.

The bread is something all by itself.

The mother loaf to be sure.

It all began when…

Just kidding, but here’s the quick version.  Remember those cute little muffins I baked in tiny terra cotta pots not too long ago?  No?  You can refresh your memory here… Well I’ve been keeping an eye on my cheese drawer so that I could give the bread recipe I first saw those cute little pots in because I’ve wanted to try it for so long.

My cheese drawer just happened to have quite the stash of Grafton Cheddar Reserve (my husband loves sharp cheddar), Cypress Grove Midnight Moon (this is the most amazing goat cheese to nibble on with wine…), and Parrano (which I often use instead of Parmesan).  There was also some of that lovely Goat’s Brie, but I decided right at the end that I’d save that for nibbles since the flavor is so mild.

I could have stopped there, but the recipe did mention that deli cuts of meat are good to add.  Except the few pieces I was able to scrounge up looked a bit dodgy, so why not bacon?

Little did I know…


Home Alone with Baked Ricotta, Olives, & California Rose

Home Alone with Baked Ricotta, Olives, & California Rose

It’s been a while since my husband and I have been home alone.  My mother stayed with us for six weeks after returning from her supposed to be permanent move to Virginia, and while we were on vacation, two of my sons traveled with us.  […]

Macaroni & Cheese:  The Ultimate Comfort Food

Macaroni & Cheese: The Ultimate Comfort Food

I grew up eating basic food:  no frills, no hidden ingredients, all good taste and comfort.  My mom’s macaroni & cheese was the best.  None of the recipes she made are written anywhere, but I remember them all.  Her macaroni & cheese, or "mac-a-cheese" as […]