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Pierre Hermé’s Traveling “Tango”

Pierre Hermé’s Traveling “Tango”

  I thought I’d take a break from posting photos of our trip to Paris to give those who would rather look at food a break.  It’s only fair, I guess, after holding everyone captive with my vacation photos. But I will warn you this 

Simple Daily Recipes:  Readers’ Favorite Recipes — An eCookbook Review

Simple Daily Recipes: Readers’ Favorite Recipes — An eCookbook Review

I have always wanted to cook. Whether it was the simple family recipes my mother showed me how to make when I was very young, or something new I found in her Betty Crocker cookbook and decided to try on my own, I was always 

Gordon Ramsay:  Who wins a piece.

Gordon Ramsay: Who wins a piece.

Okay, so I lied.  It's clearly no longer the weekend and I know I promised to get this post taken care of Sunday.  But somehow the weekend came and went.  Or got up and left.  Between enjoying the weather here — no longer blistering hot, and lots of gorgeous clear, windy days — and trying to get the house clean, I never quite ended up at my Mac.  Definitely not the norm.  So apologies are in order, but so are thanks to the following people who so kindly helped my comment box feel loved for the past month!

I completely appreciate the time you took to stop by and comment this past month!
click away!
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You are all eligible for the consolation prize of a "San Diego Foodie Care Package."  For each comment you made, you got a ticket in the "bag," which of course, increased your chances to win, right?

And the winner is…….. according to Randon Generator Blonde Duck of A Duck in Her Pond!  Yah-Hooo! 

Now for the party food!  There will be no yelling from Gordon tonight.  It's a perfect list for a perfect get together.  These individuals are eligible for Gordon Ramsay's Three Star Chef:

 Deeba of Passionate about Baking has bowled me over with a variety of Multi-grain Canapes that are amazing.  The flavors are tantalizing!

Fruit canapes1

Ben of What's Cooking? couldn't resist serving up Bean Salsa in Mini Tortilla Cups knowing that there's no way Gordon Ramsay would f#$%^&* yell at him over them.  No way.


Steph of orangehennesey has graciously sent us some avodado bliss in the form of guacamole.  I'm still dreaming of the beer battered avocados, though….



Grace of A Southern Grace just had to distract me with her Cold Tomato Soup with Basil made from some "maters" a buddy at work shared with her.  Refreshingly simple.


Dhanggit of Dhanggit's Kitchen has created a Chocolate Almond & Grape Foccacia.  Ahhh…sweet mystery of life, at last I've found you…


 Esi of Dishing Up Delights is sharing an elegant Easy Butternut Squash Soup with cumin and pine nuts…and spiked with cayenne.  Just perfect!


Andrea of Andrea's Recipes got my tastebuds all worked up with Grilled Chinese Eggplant with Garlic and Ginger Sauce.   If only my mother had known how to make eggplant like this.


Becke, the Columbus Foodie is wowing us all with Grilled Rainbow Trout with Whole Grain Mustard Vinaigrette and Black Beluga Lentils.  Definitely luscious, but she lets us know that doesn't mean complex.


Mansi of Fun & Food Cafe is sharing Espresso Brownies — a mouthful of chocolate, espresso, and wait…is that Kahlua?  Goodness.  I'd sneak a few of these out in my purse.


Haley of appoggiatura has delivered an elegant Key Lime Pie that will leave no one standing.  You already know what we think about Key Lime around here, right?  It's probably not appropriate to lick the pie pan, is it?


Michelle of ~ Foodie…Cook-ie ~ whipped up a Peanut Heaven cake to share.  Peanut butter Swiss buttercream?  Oh.  My.

Peanut Heaven

And a very special thanks to Nicisme of Cherrapeno who sent in some lovely chocolate and pistachio wedges.  But alas, they ended up in the spam folder and I didn't see them until it was brought to my attention today.  *hangs head in shame*  I seriously owe you when I hold my 200,000th visitor celebration.  Yes, when.  Not if. 

Chocolate and pistachio wedges 500

And the grand winner of Gordon Ramsay's Three Star Cheff is…. Grace of A Southern Grace!  w00t!  I don't know but if Gordon even looked like he thought he might yell at Grace for anything, he'd be seriously sorry.  Right Grace?

Okay, everyone, clap!  Let's hear it for two lovely ladies who outdid themselves in sharing the blog love.  It does go to show you, however, that it does help statistically to have more than one chance in a drawing.  To figure out the winners, I assigned each comment a number (picture each commentor buying a raffle ticket for each of their comments), then told Random Generator to choose a number between 1 and 276 for the consolation prize, and 1 and 44 for the grand prize.  See?


Blissfully Delish:  Gordon Ramsay Three Star Chef

Blissfully Delish: Gordon Ramsay Three Star Chef

Not too long ago, I was invited to participate as contributing writer for the fabulous Blissfully Domestic, sharing all things food, of course.  In fact, tomorrow, my first article will be published on the Blissfully Delish channel with many more to come along with other 

Romance on a Plate:  biscuit glace aux noisettes

Romance on a Plate: biscuit glace aux noisettes

Sara of i like to cook is the host of this month’s Weekend Cookbook Challenge with a Red and White theme for #18 and I am committed to joining in.  Trying to keep track of all the cooking events is a challenge for me, so