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Banana Whoopie Pies with Salted Caramel Marshmallow Filling

Banana Whoopies with Salted Caramel Filling

If you’re from the West Coast, and don’t happen to be a food blogger, then you probably haven’t heard of a Whoopie Pie.  I could be wrong, but I’ve never seen one here, and when I mentioned that I’d made a batch of my own recently, more than one person asked, “What’s a Whoopie Pie?”  Although at times it feels as if I’ve lived just about everywhere, and did spend some time living on the East Coast when I was a child, I hadn’t heard of them, either. I figured they were Moon Pies even if the only connection I could make was that each was called a pie — a pie that neither resembles.  I know what Moon Pies are and it didn’t take me very long to decide they’re nothing like Whoopie Pies. Sure they can both be considered sandwich type cookies, but I can’t say that very loudly around Whoopie Pie purists who claim they’re absolutely not cookies, either.  Like Moon Pies, Whoopie Pies have three parts:  a top, a bottom, and cream in the middle.  I have to add that the outside is traditionally chocolate, and the filling, white and creamy.  But a Moon Pie has a chocolate coating and a Whoopie doesn’t.

I haven’t tasted a real Whoopie Pie, so I’ll get in trouble for mentioning the “cream” is anything but if you consider that cream comes from a cow.  Actually Whoopie Pie “cream” is more of a marshmallow based filling made with shortening and more fluffy than what you might find in a Moon Pie.  The exterior is more cake like and fluffy.  Your teeth sink right into its sweet softness, and you just may end up with a bit of filling on your face as you take that first bite, because it has a tendency to squish out the sides a bit as you savor it.  But wait.  I said I hadn’t tried a Whoopie Pie before.

So yes, I tried my own.  And true to form, I sort of changed things a bit.  I couldn’t help myself.  Besides, I had a ripe banana just waiting to be baked into something, so that’s where I began. Banana Whoopie Pies?  Sure, why not?  And then I saw this Salted Caramel Buttercream and knew the two together would be irresistable.

I was right, of course.

I will subtley not mention just how many I’ve sampled.

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Brandy Snaps with Mascarpone Creme

Day 4 of The 12 Days of Cookies is starting a bit better than yesterday ended with the last cookie attempted.  Being the planner I am when confronted with a lot of work, I not only chose all 12 cookies I’d make, I organized them into pairs by production so that I could get two done a day.  They’d either have very similar elements (okay, so I’m not talking about butter, sugar and flour…), or one would need refrigeration and I could continue on with the second while…you get it, right?) I printed out the recipes, and sorted through them making sure I wouldn’t have any hang-ups, like realizing I didn’t have oatmeal after coming home from the store.

I know you hate that as much as I do when it happens, right?

So did I hop back in the car to get oatmeal?  No.  I went back through the cookies featured in Gourmet’s Favorite Cookies:  1941 – 2008 to choose another — one that wasn’t very complicated and for which I had all ingredients.

Brandy Snaps, Gourmet’s choice for 1949, looked to be the best for my particular dilemma.  Although I’m not usually thrilled with the prospect of booze in my baked goods, I am able to deal with a little, and the cookies reminded me of Florentines:  crisp, crunchy, and caramelley.  Plus  I happened to have three bottles of molasses in my pantry — light, dark, and Barbados “unsulfured.”

I was set.  Or so I thought.  Innocent looking little things, aren’t they?IMG_7556

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Double Chocolate Layer Cake with Strawberry Creme Filling

Ah…the marvels of the Internet.  Yes, I have my favorite cook books.  And of course, I get cooking magazines whose photos I salivate over each month.  But Epicurious…Oh, how I love that it is so easy  to get a recipe when I don’t have time to sit and sift, oogle, and day dream in the land of food possibilities.  My youngest son’s birthday was celebrated a week ago, and like the dutiful mother I am, asked what kind of cake he’d like this year.

“Chocolate,” was his immediate response.
“Chocolate with chocolate icing, chocolate with cream, chocolate with…?” I inquired.
“Chocolate with chocolate,” he concluded.
A young man of few words and great taste.

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