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Brandy Snaps with Mascarpone Creme

Day 4 of The 12 Days of Cookies is starting a bit better than yesterday ended with the last cookie attempted.  Being the planner I am when confronted with a lot of work, I not only chose all 12 cookies I’d make, I organized them into pairs by production so that I could get two done a day.  They’d either have very similar elements (okay, so I’m not talking about butter, sugar and flour…), or one would need refrigeration and I could continue on with the second while…you get it, right?) I printed out the recipes, and sorted through them making sure I wouldn’t have any hang-ups, like realizing I didn’t have oatmeal after coming home from the store.

I know you hate that as much as I do when it happens, right?

So did I hop back in the car to get oatmeal?  No.  I went back through the cookies featured in Gourmet’s Favorite Cookies:  1941 – 2008 to choose another — one that wasn’t very complicated and for which I had all ingredients.

Brandy Snaps, Gourmet’s choice for 1949, looked to be the best for my particular dilemma.  Although I’m not usually thrilled with the prospect of booze in my baked goods, I am able to deal with a little, and the cookies reminded me of Florentines:  crisp, crunchy, and caramelley.  Plus  I happened to have three bottles of molasses in my pantry — light, dark, and Barbados “unsulfured.”

I was set.  Or so I thought.  Innocent looking little things, aren’t they?IMG_7556

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Mocha Toffee Bars


As I look outside my window, I find it difficult to believe that it is December 1st.  It was nearly 70 degrees outside today, the sky perfectly clear, and as always, the trees leafy and green.  It never ceases to amaze me, but in the many years I’ve lived in San Diego, it’s more the norm than not, and the holidays come in spite of our near perfect weather.

This year, to celebrate this special time of year, I’ve joined Andrea of Andrea’s Recipes and others to spend the next 12 days baking up a cookie storm with Gourmet’s Favorite Cookie Recipes from 1941-2008.

We didn’t decide who was making what on which day, and we have absolutely no rules other than sampling Gourmet’s selection and sharing our cookies daily.  But you can count on me to let you know what I think since cookies have changed a bit in 70 years — especially the directions!

Let me introduce you to my fellow cookie makers:
Claire of The Barefoot Kitchen, Sandy of At the Baker’s Bench, Courtney of Coco Cooks, Judy of No Fear Entertaining, Ben of What’s Cooking? and Jerry of Cooking by the Seat of My Pants.

I’m starting my baking off with a fairly quick and easy bar cookie from the era of big hair and disco — the 1980s:  Mocha Toffee Bars.

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