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Pierre Hermé’s Traveling “Tango”

<img alt="Pierre Herme Pastry"/>

I thought I’d take a break from posting photos of our trip to Paris to give those who would rather look at food a break.  It’s only fair, I guess, after holding everyone captive with my vacation photos. But I will warn you this is still connected to Paris in a six degrees of separation sort of way.  It’s about dessert, and it’s about French dessert in particular.  French pastry from the French “Picasso of Pastry,” Pierre Hermé.  I thought my sampling of beautiful pastry in Paris was lacking so ordered his book, Pastries  as soon as we arrived home.

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Steak and French Fries


I’ve had a little challenge going for myself since New Year’s Eve.  To be a tad more frugal during the month of January, I’m avoiding grocery stores and working through what we have in the fridge and the pantry.  To be fair, we all did just safely escape the most food-laden time of year, and I did have a house full of guests, so that means we were very well stocked and I so I have quite a bit of residue.

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How Not to Puff St. Honore Pastry

Better late than never in getting this post done, I guess.  Since I’ve never done one of the Daring Bakers challenges, the thing I’ve most learned is to plan more effectively.  Like — do it earlier (I was seriously procrastinating because of that darn puff pastry) and post my entry when I’m done, but just don’t publish it.  Sheesh!  Doesn’t sound too complicated, but you’d think I was a walking brain fart or something.  Not rocket science.  Anyhow…being less than satisfied with my results didn’t help.  Why not satisfied?  Although the whole puff pastry experience wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be because my dough seemed beautiful, it didn’t quite “puff.”  That would be the whole concept behind puffing, right?  To puff?  I mean, it isn’t supposed to be called brick pastry, or leather pastry, or rubber pastry.  You do get the idea, don’t you?
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