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Non Creamy Turkey and Wild Rice Soup with Vegetables

Well hello.

I hope you’re well.  I have been — at least until a few days ago when I felt a bit of a sore throat that was at first more a reason to laze around than anything else.  I’m not much of a laze around type, so when I feel the urge to do that, I take notice and find every reason on Earth to avoid my laundry, the dishes, or taking a trip to the market.  But days later, it’s gotten worse, and well, that’s never good.

I feel bobble-headed and on the water logged side of things — the feeling I used to have as a kid when we’d been at the pool or the beach too long and came home with wrinkled skin and sinuses full of water.  Ah, the memories.

If there’s a good thing about feeling like this, it’s that I slow down a bit and mull things over.  And this has been a good time to do that considering I spent November writing about something other than food.  I believe I mentioned it might be time to focus my energy on something else (instead of ten things all at once which is more the case with me) and on the suggestion of a friend, decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month.  The goal of this event is to take time to write for writing’s sake — to perhaps slam out that novel you always thought you might write if only you had time.

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Not My Mama’s: Mexican Street Tacos

Tortilladora & Masa

Because I’ve been dreaming of the street tacos I had while in Mexico, I decided to put that bag of masa I’ve had in my cupboard since the last time we attempted making our own tortillas to good use.  It’s been a while because let’s face it — San Diego is a hop-skip-and-a-jump from the border and there are plenty of places to get authentic tacos here.  I just never order them.  I’m more of a carnitas person so can’t tell you much about how good the tacos are at our favorite “Los Dos” across from Albertson’s on Turquoise in Pacific Beach.  It’s on my agenda to find out, though.

In the meantime, I treated myself to a tortilla press to the tune of $17.  It makes me smile about this cooking “hobby” I have, because that sum could purchase quite a few packages of perfectly fresh corn tortillas if you know when the delivery guys stock the best ones at the market.  But the woman in Puerto Vallarta made it look so easy:  Make a ball, put it on the lower plastic covered plate, press, and peel.  Voila!

Yes, well, let’s just say that after watching me try a few with less than completely desirable results, my husband was gnashing at the bit to step in and finish the rest with no trouble at all.  Go figure.  Perhaps it’s a math thing.

And the taste?  Would they compare favorably with the El Cisne taco cart in Puerto Vallarta?  I say definitely.

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