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Bacon Cheddar Scones with Maple Syrup

Every once in a while, I come across something I’ve torn from the food section of our local paper.  I’m thinking this wouldn’t be possible if I hadn’t shoved it into one of my cookbooks — the one most relevant to what I’d torn out.  I see bits and pieces like it wedged between pages along with notes and stickies I’ve written about recipes I’ve tried and easily slip past them when I’m on a mission for a particular recipe.  They do cause me to pause occasionally though, to dust off the mental note I made the last time I saw them and promise that I should take a look.  Make something from them.

Time passes and then really passes. Seventeen years of time passing happened while I was busy doing other things.  A household was moved, jobs changed, pets passed on, three boys raised to manhood.  That folded up one-page spread entitled “50 Boffo Biscuits” written by Andrew Schloss published in The San Diego Union-Tribune January 12-13, 1994 was tucked away through all of it, just waiting.

It originally caught my eye because the brief article read, “Here we offer eight basic formulas for biscuits and scones, with enough variations to give you 50 fun and easy ways to put them on the table in 1994.”  Looking at it now, I know I wouldn’t have noticed the very small print beneath that read, “Biscuits courtesy of Baked by Etta.”

I had to wonder who Etta was, whether she had a bakery, and if it was still around.  A quick Google search provided a location and some reviews raving about cakes like grandmother made with “pure flour, butter, and eggs.”  I knew a field trip was in order, but decided I’d entertain myself with trying some of Etta’s biscuits and scones.

You wouldn’t turn down a Bacon and Cheddar Scone, would you?

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