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Quatro Leches Cake with Blackberry Sauce



I’m notorious for rarely making a recipe more than once.  I have been known, however, to make a dish again and again with a new recipe each time.  I know this isn’t a novel concept, and I guess some may consider it crazy.  For example:  You’ve been invited to a dinner party and you’ve volunteered to make dessert.  Because the menu is featuring Mexican cuisine, for a split second, you’re tempted to try Budin de Cajeta con Moras you tried last time the dinner group got together for Mexican, but no, because you saw a recipe for flan with hazelnuts in a recent issue of Food & Wine.  Of course time got away from you (better known as procrastination) so you relied yet again upon Google and a search for Tres Leches knowing something new would come up.

Of course it did.  I’ve made Tres Leches cake, and Quatro Leches cake but this one seemingly had a different spin, so how could I resist?

I couldn’t.  This cake wasn’t destined to stay in the pan while the milk was poured over it.  No, it needed to be turned out of its pan, cooled, flipped, and then subjected to the milk bath.  Yes, I had to find out what could happen.

Murphy’s Law.

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