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Banana Cream Tarts

Banana Cream Tarts

With most of the rest of the country sweltering in record temperatures, we’ve yet to see any real sunshine or warmth for more than a couple of days at a time this summer.  Although I’m not one to complain too loudly about it, generally content 

Strawberry Jam Bread Pudding

Strawberry Jam Bread Pudding

Here’s what I’ve learned during my brioche a tete saga:  1)  I can actually make a cooking plan and stick to it when a party or special occasion isn’t involved; 2)  I can make it completely through the second step; and 3) by the time 

Mexican Bread Pudding with Berries:  Bayless’s Mexican Kitchen

Mexican Bread Pudding with Berries: Bayless’s Mexican Kitchen

Mexican Bread Pudding with Berries

I’ve given Rick Bayless a thorough work over and after much consideration can say that he’s good.  Well, his recipes are good. Very.  But everybody probably already knew this.

I always seem to be the last one to arrive at many of my conclusions because I’m not one to hop on the newest cookbook or latest dish, or cuisine du jour.  I am not saying Rick Bayless is new to Mexican cuisine, nor anyone’s latest celebrity chef.  In fact I know he’s been at this for quite some time, and is highly regarded for his work.  But I’m a cooking magazine slacker, so hop from one to the other trying this, and sampling that, smiling all the while, often ignoring my cookbooks, and definitely avoiding purchasing more since I barely have shelf space for the ones I own.

But I made an interesting decision recently.

I purchased Rick Bayless’s Mexican Kitchen a couple of months ago, and since that time have delved into and thoroughly enjoyed at least 15 recipes, some of which have been made twice.  I’ve never focused on one type of cuisine for this length of time before,and it has definitely been an interesting experiment I can’t wait to repeat.  So why do this?

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