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Strawberry Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie

It’s officially summer.  The calendar says so, and when I look out my window, I can say that our weather is even cooperating — if not with warmer temperatures, then surely beautiful sun and light that makes me want to grab a chair and book, maybe a glass of something tinkling when it’s picked up to sip.

I also think of brightly colored veggies in all kinds of combinations brushed with oil, tossed with garlic and salt and grilled.  Fruit as well.  Lots of fruit.  Sometimes I’m carried away and bring home too much — well, too much as far as eating it plain and simple goes.  One can have too many smoothies as well.

When faced with this particular predicament, it’s time to make pie.  Pie that isn’t on the diet I say I’m not on.  The non-diet I’ve been on since January and have been very good about until the lead-up to summer and all our goings on have inserted themselves into my carefully crafted snacks and meals.

I had pie for breakfast this morning.  We all did.  And I laughed as the hubster carried his piece out the door along with the oatmeal he routinely eats in the car on the way to work each morning.  It’s a wonder he makes it to work without being pasted with food each day.

I spent the afternoon yesterday making this pie, enjoying every moment of it.  It’s relaxing, and as much as I know the of the country is sweltering in temperatures approaching 100 degrees, as usual, we’re barely hitting 70.   Outside of having to prebake the pie crust, this pie requires very little heat — instead refrigeration once it’s cooled then put together.

Summer has to have a pie — and this one is perfect to celebrate today.

It’s June 29th, and it’s Pie Day!

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Chocolate Mint Cookies

I’m not sure what it is about mint, but it’s never been one of my favorite flavors.  I could blame it on the Junior Mints I ate too many of one afternoon in at a matinee when I was a kid.  But then again, it might have been the time that my grandparents took us to Howard Johnson’s to have ice cream and I chose a double scoop of peppermint and apple streudel which, if you think the way I now do, don’t exactly go well with one another.  Sadly, those cheerful red and white hard candy disks never quite appealed to me and just the thought of York Peppermint patties made my teeth ache.  Mint tea has no appeal whether I’m under the weather or not, and mint juleps remind me of cough medicine.

Mention Girl Scouts’ Thin Mints, however, and you’ll have my undivided attention.  It has to be the crunch.  These holiday cookies may not be Thin Mints, but they come very, very close.

I’ll have to give them a good dunk in the chocolate next time instead of making a big mess slinging chocolate all over my kitchen.

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