Organica Deluxe Eco-Friendly Ginger Cookies

It's a bit humbling to realize that when you've been denied access to your computer, that life just isn't the same.  Actually, it's pathetic.  And nearly three days of sustained denied access?  It's downright painful.  No kitchen, no computer, garden all spiffied up…what was I to do?  My poor doggo and cat — both no longer youngsters — kept me company on a bench outside with my pile of food magazines and cook books on the last day until I couldn't stand it a minute longer.  I decided to leave the dust heap and do some "window" shopping for a final few items for our remodel:  a bathroom mirror, shelves, and bedding.  So much for the "window."

Sitting in front of my Mac saves money — I know that for sure now.

Thank goodness for Saturdays and construction men who have the weekend off!  I am firing up my oven to finish my 12 Days of Cookies and beginning to unravel our house.  Hopefully by Tuesday, things will be completely back to order — but with lovely new changes for us to enjoy — and a holiday to prepare for.

And speaking of holidays and other special occasions…


Since I don't have my own cookies to share with you, I wanted to take the opportunity to share some delicious cookies I recently sampled from Organica Deluxe.  The oversized chewy ginger morsels were delicately spiced and perfect on a morning when I needed something pleasant to take my mind off noise and dust. 

Organica Deluxe is an Eco-Friendly organization that produces a variety of products beyond yummy baked goods.  Purchasing just one of their gift boxes helps support 15 eco-friendly businesses such as sustainable manufacturers, organic farmers, and community artisans. 

I like that idea.

Now, off to my oven.  I have my own cookies to bake!  Let's see…I think I have only three left to go.

Tune in later!