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I began writing Sass & Veracity in the spring of 2007.   There weren’t all that many food blogs on the web then and life in that world was somewhat carefree.  It was fun.  Those of us with food blogs often posted what we were eating, and belonged to groups like The Daring Bakers, or posted to weekly events like Presto Pasta Nights.  I started blogging with kellementology, my writing blog, which has been sadly neglected, and when my very best friend and I took on a personal challenge to lose 50 pounds over the course of six months, decided another blog with a focus on food might better suit my purpose.  I had no idea it would take on a life of its own, dictating what food I purchased, prepared for dinner, and force the need to rant about occasionally.  I have opinions, and yes, I’ve had them about food most of my life, but I never realized just how opinionated I’d become about where my food is grown, how it’s prepared, who is preparing it, and how it’s being marketed. But I’m getting ahead of myself as always.

Where did “Sass & Veracity” come from with respect to its name?

I have opinions and often express them with a bit of sass and chaser of veracity.  It’s genetic.

I love good food.

My husband and three sons — actually my entire family will tell you I rarely make the same meal the same way — ever.  There are very few old favorites that come from my kitchen because food is just too interesting to make the same way all the time.  I can count the family favorites on one hand because no one has ever used recipe cards.  It may sound quaint, but they just didn’t exist in my family.  Nor are there secret ingredients. My mother did have a Betty Crocker cookbook (Circa 1955) which I now own, and that’s how I learned to cook starting at the age of eight.

I am not a recipe developer. 

I read others’ recipes and am influenced by what they teach.  Generally, I believe that’s how we all learn.  I enjoy cooking from a variety of publications such as Food & Wine, Sunset, Fine Cooking, Martha Stewart Living, Bon Appetit, the old Gourmet magazine, and Saveur.  I have quite a few cookbooks I enjoy as well, but only a few I return to over and over again.   I love to tackle a challenging recipe as well — one with lots and lots of steps and often taking more than a day to complete.   I will never understand the popularity of “make it in 5 minutes” food — especially dessert.  My body just doesn’t need dessert that quickly, thank you.

And speaking of bodies…

I try to take care of mine.  I’m not a fanatic when it comes to diet or exercise but I do think about both routinely.   That means you will see a variety of recipes here — smoothies, and fresh veggies, lean protein, and whole grains.  Dessert in moderation.  My pantry has very little processed food in it and I buy organic as much as possible.  We also try to eat seasonally as much as possible, but living in San Diego makes it quite easy to enjoy lots of fresh veggies all year and we take advantage of that.

I love to travel.

I probably don’t travel as much as I’d like to, but I think we do a good job of it.  We’d venture out more, but it can be quite expensive when you have a thing for nice hotels and cozy Bed & Breakfasts.  I’ve not shared much of our travels on Sass & Veracity, but find I’d like to now and hope you enjoy it when I do.  I learn so much when I venture out into the world, even if it’s only in an area of the city I live in and didn’t know existed.

And make photos:

I am currently shooting with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III which is a bit heavy compared to my old camera.  I thought long and hard before I made the decision to purchase it, but I made it and I’m glad I did.  Did I mention it was heavy?  I began years ago with Olympus, Canon, and Nike 35mm SLRs, using them only casually for family photos,  and only just began to understand the art of developing film.  Unfortunately, I never continued with my learning.  I started in the digital world with a Canon Elph Power Shot before moving to a Canon EOS Rebel XSi which I have used for five years and am happy to say is still clicking along. It’s been an interesting journey that I expect to be involved with for an indefinite time.  I shoot primarily in natural light at all times of the day preferring hand held over my tripod, but also work to improve my skills shooting with artificial light.  I use two lenses: a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM and a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

About me:

I’m a former educator — a teacher (2nd-8th grade English) and school administrator (Elementary & Middle School) married to the world’s most lovely man and have three grown sons whom I adore.  I live in the beautiful Southern California city of San Diego, California in an area known as La Jolla where the sun doesn’t shine as much as people who live here like to say it does.  But that’s just fine with me because I enjoy a nice cloudy day.

When I’m not editing photos, I am working on my first novel which is half finished.  My goal is to finish it before the end of this year (2013).  Wish me luck!

Thank you so very much for reading.  I truly appreciate it.  If you are interested in my content and/or photos, I am happy to share.  Please contact me at sassandveracity@gmail.com with inquiries.

If you’d like to receive Sass & Veracity’s content in another way, you can do so by email by signing up with the small form at the bottom of this page.  Add your email, then you’ll receive an email for verification immediately. It’s important to click on to activate your subscription.  If you’re someone who enjoys using a web reader, then there are several you might use:  I love Feedly, but other possibilities you may enjoy are NewsBlur,  The Old Reader, or Bloglovin.

Full Disclosure: 

 Any product or publication referenced in the written content or images published at Sass & Veracity is done so by my own choice, and reflects my own opinion. I have not, nor do I expect to write about or review products for financial gain.

 The work published on Sass & Veracity is copyrighted.  Please do not use it without my permission.  When asked to share my photographs, I have never declined.  I’ve only expected that my name and or site is visibly linked with the photograph and I know that’s a reasonable expectation.  When I’ve been influenced by someone’s work, I give them credit.  They’re either mentioned by name with a link to their site and/or the recipe specifically.  Additionally, I leave a comment on their post to let them know how they’ve influenced me and to say thank you.   If you’d like more information on copyrighting in general, you can get it at the U.S. Copyright Office.

15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I think my mother had the exact same cookbook. I distinctly remember that popover on the aqua plate. In fact, I’m sure I made that recipe as a kid. Thanks for the memories.

  2. I love visiting your blog. I don’t always have time to create such wonderful recipes…but you certainly compel me to try them every now and then!

  3. I stumbled on your blog when I was looking for information about pea sprouts. It’s lovely, but the ABOUT section doesn’t really tell me anything about you. What is the sunny, beautiful city you live in? Are you a professional cook or photographer? What is the origin of your “fat-free opinions”? Etc. etc. – would love to know more about the writer – it helps the reader appreciate the blog.

    Many thanks,

  4. I’ve been trawling through your site to find a recipe that you posted (probably) years ago–when I lived in Japan and didn’t have a lot of access to reasonably priced Western food. I can’t remember exactly what it was, which of course is the rub. It was some kind of bready thing with olives maybe, and I think you served it with a rose wine. Maybe a simple dinner just for you and your hubby??? Do you have any idea of what I’m rambling about? 🙂 Well, neither do I but if you can think of what I’m not thinking of, then perhaps you could send me an email? If you have time? Arigato!

    1. Very cool — and thanks for asking about it. It gave me the opportunity to spruce up the post. When I migrated my content from Typepad to self-hosted WordPress, I lost a lot of photo links. Trying to restore them post by post which is sort of like watching water evaporate : / Let me know how it turns out.

  5. Kelly,
    I have been reading your blog for approximately 5 years now. I am not sure if I have commented before but if I have it’s been sporadic. Your latest post moved me to ‘cheer you on’ as requested 😉

    You can do it girl! Your blog speaks to the incredible motivation, strength and creative ability you have as a women. I have a chronic illness that makes continuing to provide meals for my family challenging but your blog moves me to try new recipes. Whole Foods is a drive from where I live (Canadian) but you have moved me to seek out exciting, quality produce and spices etc…

    I have followed your travels and gotten delight reading between the lines and seeing the natural affection enjoyed between your family and girlfriends. Your photos are progressive in talent and show a great perspective. I loved how you opened up a new area on the overseas coast to me when I had always been more familiar with Nice and Cannes.

    You are a great author and cook. Your attention to detail helps immeasurably for those of us following your recipes when we have your tips. I love when you get a bee in your bonnet and we get to follow your cookie, salad or soup plots. You have shown balance in your life/blog project but haven’t given up on us. I know you will bring this same determination to attacking these pounds for your health and fitting into the outfits you want for the upcoming milestones! All the best!

    1. My goodness, you’ve moved me to tears! You have no idea how much I appreciate the time you’ve taken to write this and to share the things you have. Sometimes, keeping a blog is quite a bit of insanity for me and the extent to which I might share what you’ve so eloquently stated always my goal, so it’s wonderful to know I’ve succeeded in what matters most to me. The “fat-free opinions on a food centric life” does keep me focused when I begin to question my direction and it gets me right back on track — in spite of the delays. I’m sorry to hear that you have a chronic illness which has taken time from cooking for your family and wish you the best health possible under those circumstances. Bless your dear heart and thank you for not giving up on me. xoxoxo Kelly

  6. Hello Kelly
    Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog. Just wanted to drop by and say that you can reduce the amount of beets in the curry. Just a heads up! You don;t need a pressure cooker, if you have a slow cooker that would work too.

    1. Thank you so much for that tip! I was hoping it would be an easy solution and appreciate that you took the time to visit to let me know. It truly sounds like a wonderful recipe and I can’t wait to try it.

  7. “For the most part, if you want something to eat in our house, it has to be prepared. Our food isn’t always fancy or complicated, but I try to keep it interesting and good for our bodies as much as possible.” that actually is my approach to healthy food. i dont see the point in cutting carbs or fat or whatever, just make sure you’re eatign somethign made from scratch with love, and grown by people with love too.


  8. Hi Kelly/Rolodex.
    It was so nice to meet you at the BlogHer Food ’12 Conference. I like your pictures. Awesome. I’m gonna give that Detox Stew a whirl.

  9. Hi Kelly!
    It was so nice to meet you at BlogHer Food! I would have loved to chat more, and have to say, you’re an unbelievably talented photographer and writer!
    Your weight loss and ‘eating well’ journey is intruiging as well. I lost 20 but have gained back 10 from ‘eating whatever I want’, kind of thing… I’ll be back for some inspiration! xo

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