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I began writing Sass & Veracity in the spring of 2007.   There weren’t all that many food blogs on the web then and life in that world was somewhat carefree.  It was fun.  Those of us with food blogs often posted what we were eating, and belonged to groups like The Daring Bakers, or posted to weekly events like Presto Pasta Nights.  I started blogging with kellementology, my writing blog, which has been sadly neglected, and when my very best friend and I took on a personal challenge to lose 50 pounds over the course of six months, decided another blog with a focus on food might better suit my purpose.  I had no idea it would take on a life of its own, dictating what food I purchased, prepared for dinner, and force the need to rant about occasionally.  I have opinions, and yes, I’ve had them about food most of my life, but I never realized just how opinionated I’d become about where my food is grown, how it’s prepared, who is preparing it, and how it’s being marketed. But I’m getting ahead of myself as always.

Where did “Sass & Veracity” come from with respect to its name?

I have opinions and often express them with a bit of sass and chaser of veracity.  It’s genetic.

I love good food.

My husband and three sons–actually my entire family will tell you I rarely make the same meal the same way.  There are very few old favorites that come from my kitchen because food is just too interesting to make the same way all the time.  I can count the family favorites on one hand because no one has ever used recipe cards.  It may sound quaint, but they just didn’t exist in my family.  Nor are there secret ingredients. My mother did have a Betty Crocker cookbook (Circa 1955) which I now own, and that’s how I learned to cook starting at the age of eight.

I am not a recipe developer. 

I read others’ recipes and am influenced by what they teach.  Generally, I believe that’s how we all learn.  I enjoy cooking from a variety of publications such as Food & Wine, Sunset, Fine Cooking, Martha Stewart Living, Bon Appetit, the old Gourmet magazine, and Saveur.  I have a good collection of cookbooks I enjoy as well, but only a few I return to over and over again.   I love to tackle a challenging recipe as well–one with lots and lots of steps and often taking more than a day to complete.  I will never understand the popularity of “make it in 5 minutes” food–especially dessert.  My body just doesn’t need dessert that quickly. Isn’t that what bakeries are for?

I love to travel.

I probably don’t travel as much as I’d like to, but I think we do a good job of it.  We’d venture out more, but it can be quite expensive when you have a thing for nice hotels and cozy Bed & Breakfasts.  I’ve not shared much of our travels on Sass & Veracity, but find I’d like to now and hope you enjoy it when I do.  I learn so much when I venture out into the world, even if it’s only in an area of the city I live in and didn’t know existed.

Thank you so very much for reading.  I truly appreciate it.  If you are interested in my content and/or photos, I am happy to share.  Please contact me at sassandveracity@gmail.com with inquiries.

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Full Disclosure: 

 Any product or publication referenced in the written content or images published at Sass & Veracity is done so by my own choice, and reflects my own opinion. I have not, nor do I expect to write about or review products for financial gain.

 The work published on Sass & Veracity is copyrighted.  Please do not use it without my permission.  When asked to share my photographs, I have never declined.  I’ve only expected that my name and or site is visibly linked with the photograph and I know that’s a reasonable expectation.  When I’ve been influenced by someone’s work, I give them credit.  They’re either mentioned by name with a link to their site and/or the recipe specifically.  Additionally, I leave a comment on their post to let them know how they’ve influenced me and to say thank you.   If you’d like more information on copyrighting in general, you can get it at the U.S. Copyright Office.