A Pavlova for Tartelette

White Tulips


Some of you may know that I was asked to do a guest post for Tartelette.    You know, The Tartelette?

Yes.  I know.

Of course I had a few moments of the puffy ego syndrome after an initial self-indulgent happy dance before I snapped out of it and began to fret about what to make.  Ohhhhhh, the sweet agony of making this particular decision.  I’m a meat and veggie type of person, comfortable with trying a bit of this and a bit of that.  I have a fondness for salad and greens, and a little addiction for the perfect muffin.  But making something special that would look like it belonged up front and center on Tartelette’s site?

Well.  You have no idea the fuss I made over this.  You’d have thought the Queen of England was coming to dinner.  Seriously.  But I had so much fun.  Far more fun than I’d have had if I’d needed to choose a little black dress for an event as swanky as that.

I don’t do little black dresses.  Ever.

But I learned quite a bit making A Pavola for Tartelette — or Helen, who is quite the amazing person if you’re fortunate enough to know her.

I hope you take some time to visit her, read my post,  and decide what you think of my Pavlova — definitely more of a tutu than a little black dress if you ask me.

And no, I don’t do tutus, either.  It just might conjure images of dancing hippos instead of ballerinas.


Because I didn’t include my usual notes with the recipe posted at Tartelette, I thought I’d add them here:

  • This is surprisingly an easy recipe to make.  Truly!
  • I wanted to make smaller Pavlovas, but decided that due to Murphy’s Law, I’d stick to the recipe — sort of.
  • An approximate 7″ diameter circle is called for, and honestly I had a huge amount of meringue, so surely I wasn’t expected to mound all of it in that seeemingly too small circle.
  • I  made an additional smaller square about 4 ” wide.  I positioned them both on the same sheet thinking there wouldn’t be that much spread.
  • Well, I was wrong.  Wrong enough that the two did co-mingle in the oven.
  • Speaking of the oven, I did not use convection and baked the pavlovas for the required time.  I did not open the oven during baking and did make sure to prop the oven door open as required for an entire hour.
  • Unfortunately, the parchment stuck to the bottom of both meringues, so I had to lift the entire piece of parchment off the baking sheet and sort of slide it onto the counter where I cut around the base of it.
  • Any cracking done to either meringue had already been done in the oven during the cool down period.
  • I decided to mix all the whipped cream with the curd to lighten it in texture as much as flavor.  The fruit combination I chose is tart, so I wanted something a bit more creamy to go with it.  I think this was a great decision because the flavor was perfect!
  • I had a huge amount of the curd as well, so was able to mound it in both meringues, and have some additional for a bowl with fruit.
  • I was hugely surprised that this kept as well as it did.  No, I wouldn’t have normally done this, but it was quite late by the time I was finished and so put the entire thing in the fridge.  It was still beautiful the next day!
  • To truly make this ahead, I’d keep all components separate, and at the last minute, spoon on the lemon cream, load with fruit and serve.
  • I’d say if you’re someone who likes an adventure, then this one’s for you.  It was for me!

13 responses on “A Pavlova for Tartelette

  1. Tartelette

    Pavlova reminds me of a beautiful organza dress…good compromise between a tutu and a little black dress :)

    Thank you so much for doing this amazing post Kelly. Muffins would have been great too you know…ok ok so I say that after the facts :)

    1. kellypea Post author

      Thank you so much! I think I’m almost ready to take on another just to see if I can get it not to crack. What are the odds?

  2. Karen@Mignardise

    It’s gorgeous, and so elegant!
    I don’t think Pavlova gets enough attention. It’s such a wonderful dessert, so light. Maybe your post will start a new Pavlova trend.

    1. kellypea Post author

      Thanks Judy — as always it’s entertaining. I want to do some really small ones again just to have another bite. It was one of those “exceeds expectations” kind of desserts.

    1. kellypea Post author

      The voice of wisdom. Grace, you are so right. Maybe a couple of glasses of wine first, just to loosen me up? hahahaha!