Vacationing in Midcoast Maine

North on US 1 - Maine

“So where are you staying?” the woman on the other side of the Avis counter asked as she processed our car rental. My husband and I had just arrived in Portland, Maine after a red-eye from San Diego followed by a botched connecting flight in Philadelphia.  We were more than ready for our vacation to begin.

On the road Midcoast Maine

“Thomaston,” we replied in unison.

“Ah, well. You must know someone there, then,” she said, as if we wouldn’t have considered visiting that particular area of the Midcoast for any other reason. I imagine when you rent cars at the airport all day, you become an expert on where the most popular areas of a given region might be.

Sprague's Lobster

Roadside Lobster Stand

“Yes we do know someone, actually,” my husband said, explaining we had a vacation rental not too far from where our friends lived and that we were just going to relax for the week.

It bears mentioning here that we rarely relax when we’re on vacation. In fact, we’ve had people explain that what we do is travel; there is a planned route, and we stay a night or three in one location before moving on to the next. What was unique about this trip is that it would be only the second time we’ve stayed in one place for the entirety of a vacation. The first time was a trip to Cape Cod about 12 years ago.  On second thought, we did stay in Washington D.C. for an entire week the first time we vacationed there, but it’s not the norm.

As much as I’ve suggested to my husband that I have always wanted to stay in one place on our vacations, to perhaps rent a cabin near the water  so we can relax, it’s taken many years for us to get to this point. We were both looking forward to unpacking only once, and waking each morning in the same place for seven days.

Midcoast Maine Highway

“It looks like you’ve got a mid-sized car reserved,” the rental car lady continued, glasses pulled from where they’d been perched on her head to peer at the monitor.

I nodded, particularly proud of the fact I managed to use one of the AARP discounts I’ve ignored for seven years to reserve a car for under $200 for the week. Bargain.

“You know we’ve got some very nice cars out there right now.”  She looked over the top of her glasses directly at my husband.

I knew what was coming because I noticed those options when I made the reservation.

“We’ve got a brand new Camaro — black.” She glanced in my direction and winked.

I nudged my husband who gave a sigh just short of exasperation before asking how much. When he looked at me, I shrugged and he pulled a credit card from his wallet.

“You’re on vacation!” she said, smiling as she made the necessary adjustments to our contract.

South Thomaston Maine

In no time, we were on our way, wedged into the cockpit of the sleek mid-life crisis mobile and headed north on US 1 for a week of good food and even better company.

I’ll let you decide whether we achieved what we set out to accomplish, and more importantly, whether the only reason anyone would stay in this area of Maine is because they “knew someone.”


If I’ve learned anything from our years traveling, it’s that the very best places are those others seem not to take time to discover because they’re off the beaten path.

South Thomaston Church c. 1870Weskeag Store, South Thomaston ME

We like to stay in vacation rentals when we plan to be somewhere three days or more because it’s usually less expensive than a hotel room, and it gives me the option to cook if I feel like it.

We were glad to find a house situated on the Weskeag River in South Thomaston, about 10 minutes south of Rockland.

So. Thomaston Vacation Rental

We both decided we could get used to living here considering the backyard view. We never tired of it, the wildly fluctuating tides keeping us busy with the high/low schedule. The two decks were well used in the morning for breakfast and wine in the afternoon.

It was easy to pretend it doesn’t rage with a fury during winter since we’ll never experience one, but I will always wonder. If the unusual bend in the trees was any indication of just how blustery the weather can be, I have to admit that neither of us would have an easy time of adapting to life there.

Weskeag River Vacation Rental View

So Thomaston Vacation Rental

Rugosa Rose

“What goes on a classic lobster roll?” I asked our friends on the way to McLoons Lobster Shack on the island of Spruce Head.

Lobster Boats Midcoast Maine

“Butter. Fresh drawn butter.”

Go figure. I’d seen so many mayonnaise laden recipes over the years  I wasn’t sure whether the lobster could actually be tasted. If I’m eating lobster, that is what I expect to taste.

We agreed they were pretty perfect, and the steamers, cooked directly over coals, sublime. The Maine Root Ginger Brew and “official soft drink of Maine,” Moxie, were a refreshing accompaniment, so the Cape Cod chips were given a pass for not being local.

McLoon's Lobstah Shack

Good Eats at McLoon's

2B7A6313 copy

We made it to Owls Head Lighthouse before the sunset that evening. It was a perfect way to celebrate the beginning of our week in Maine.


2B7A6329 copy



Our friend is a farmer — the farmer behind  Headacre Farm near Rockland. We feel pretty special that she allowed us to work with her one day as she was preparing for market day the next.

I have never been one to shy away from hard work, so expected to have to use some elbow grease that day. Instead, I sorted and bunched beautiful kale while listening to classical music in a setting perfect enough for summer events under strings of white lights.  It was lovely.

Headacre Farm

Headacre Farm, Rockland Maine

Headacre Farm

Perfect Rows

Headacre Farm Produce

Working Headacre Farm

Headacre Farm Kale

Rinsing & Refreshing Greens

Headacre Farm Butter Lettuce


Packing Greens

Headacre Farm Chard

Maine Wildflowers

What else is there in Rockland? The Strand, an historic theater which has been renovated and now hosts more than currently running feature films.  The film I wanted to see was showing on July 4th, and although rain threatened to cancel the evening’s fireworks, there was not a chance I would be able to go. It’s first on my list to visit when we return.

You can take a windjammer cruise on one of the schooners moored at Rockland’s Northend Shipyard. No, we didn’t do that, either, but it sounds like a fabulous experience. I’ve added it to my next time list as well.


Osprey Nest

You can also eat delicious sushi at Suzuki Sushi on Maine street — we did. We also enjoyed lunch at Cafe Miranda which features fresh produce from Headacre Farm.



Cafe Miranda

The “Jerry Style Fries” are fabulous — practically a meal all on their own.

Elvis Restroom Cafe Miranda

You have to see the Elvis restroom — a wonder whether you’re an Elvis fan or not.

Rockland Maine

Rockland Maine

Rockland Maine

Rockland Maine

We also shopped along the main street looking at antiques and browsing through the gift shops.  We explored a bit from one side street to another, mostly looking at buildings.  We also took in the Farnsworth Art Museum so I could see some of Andrew Wyeth’s work. He is one of my favorite American artists. Alas, we were not permitted to take photos of anything other than this old ship carving. Think what you will.

Farnsworth Art Museum

If you happen to know a lovely person because you both blogged about food for a while, then you agree to finally meet while admiring the scenery at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, about an hour’s drive south of Thomaston and half way to Portland. We spent several hours there snapping photos of the flowers, talking about ourselves, our lives, and  generally getting to know one another. It wasn’t enough time, but it doesn’t take me long to know when someone just clicks. Such a very memorable day.



Botanical Garden

My sister and her husband drove up from Virginia to camp near Camden and so they joined our friends and us for a steamed lobster dinner complete with with produce we bought from farm stands along the way. The weather wasn’t exactly cooperative — in fact a hurricane was headed up the coast, but it didn’t put a damper on our evening. The company was great, and the lobster delicious — after those of us new to deconstructing one so we could actually eat it received a demonstration from an expert. The evening was official after I was christened with green juice which shot across the table in my direction. Not quite as elegant as a champagne bottle, but still.

Weskeag River View

Local Farm Produce

Lobstah Dinner

If you’re in the Midcoast area, then Camden is a place you should visit. It’s a quaint, busy town with a pretty harbor and lots of great shops to peruse and old houses to admire while you walk. Have an ice cream cone, feed the ducks, and buy a few trinkets to take home so you can remember your trip. It’s a perfect place for that.

Camden Maine

Camden Maine

Camden Harbor

Camden Maine Garden

Camden Houses


Ice Cream

Camden Maine

We had to stop at Owls Head one more time since we had only been able to watch the sunset the first time.

Owls Head Light

 Wildflowers at Owls Head, Maine

Foggy DayIt was a foggy day that kept us cool, but the fog came and went, obscuring the boats just enough to make us wonder whether we had seen them or not. Beautiful.

Lobster Boat near Owls Head

Tree Squirrel at Owls Head

Low Tide near Owls Head

Low Tide

Owls Head, Maine

We also visited Marshall Point Lighthouse on an even more foggy day. It’s near Port Clyde, about a 20-minute drive from South Thomaston.

Marshall Point Lighthouse

Marshall Point Lighthouse


One of the reasons I rented the home we stayed in is because the owner advertised we would have use of kayaks. Considering the house sat right on the river, we had plans to make use of those kayaks. When we arrived, he seemed surprised — even nervous about our willingness to push off, and so made sure we were aware of the tides and other safety items. My sister and husband rented kayaks and we all launched at a time scrutinized by my calculating husband to be perfect.

Kayaking on the Weskeag

Kayaking on the Weskeag

Kayaking near South Thomaston

The water was frigid, but what a peaceful time we had paddling along. Very enjoyable.

The last night of our stay was July 4th. My husband has always wanted to experience a small town Independence Day parade and with our farmer friend hosting, guaranteeing front row seats and tasty eats following, our trip was made perfect.

Maine House

Parade Day

Thomaston Fire Truck

July 4 ParadeParade Goers

Peace & Justice

July 4th Harley

July 4 Festivities

July 4th Cookout

If you’re buried in snow right now, I hope this is a reminder that summer and its warmth is not far away.












19 thoughts on “Vacationing in Midcoast Maine

  1. So beautiful Kelly! I had to share your post with Rick and it had us both oohing and awing. The Maine travel commission ought to hire you. Seriously. Rick asked me if you were a professional photographer.
    We love small towns, off the beaten track, so this looks idyllic. We so want to go on a Windjammer one day. We are pining for the seaside and Summer.
    Glad you got to meet up with friends, old and new and your sister too. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of Maine with us on this cold and rainy, grey day.

    1. Gabi, thanks to you and Rick! I’m glad something I enjoy as much as taking photos of the places we go make others happy and more importantly, provide a bit of warmth from the chilly winter so many have endured this year. I hope I’ve inspired you to think about your summer vacation this year! <3

  2. It was a pleasure to sip my morning coffee and enjoy your post this morning. I honestly had never thought about Maine as a travel destination, and I’ve changed my mind! Your beautiful photos reminded me that summer is never far away.

    1. Deb, how great of you to stop by! Interesting you should mention that you haven’t considered Maine before. Nor had we. New England in general has always been a place I wanted to vacation, but Maine was an unknown. Thankfully, we have friends who now live there and what a perfect excuse to visit. The first time we went, we packed so much into three days, and it was Fall, so we enjoyed the colorful leaves. It’s a beautiful and very unique place.

  3. I’m sitting here on a Friday night, all snowed and iced in, thinking of how great it would be to be somewhere else! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of one of my favorite places…the quaintness of coastal Maine. I can escape for a while! 🙂 Thanks, Kelly!

    1. Sharon, I am so glad I could give you a few minutes of warmth. I was truly inspired to finish editing my photos for that reason — well, and because the revisions on my book aren’t going so well. Hoping you will feel springtime very, very soon!

  4. What a nice summer memory on a cold winter day. Midcoast is my favorite part of Maine. I’d give a lot for a Red’s lobster roll right now. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos, and providing some moments of much-needed respite from the snow.

    1. Glad to help with a bit of cyber warmth 😉 You certainly are deserving after all the snow you’ve had in Boston. Yes, I could go for a lobstah roll as well. Good memories!

  5. I have lived in Union, Maine now for 26 yrs and work in Rockland. My family and I also love and think the midcoast area is beautiful….but what a WONDERFUL tribute to this area by somebody “from away”. You captured the beauty wonderfully. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much, Brad. That means quite a bit to me. My husband and I truly enjoyed our time there and he will tell you I long to live somewhere there are true seasons. I could probably learn to respect Maine winters, but I’m not sure my “born and raised in So Cal” husband could. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to commment!

    1. Thanks you so much, Alicia. It is a challenge to choose all of the images I love from our visit there. I have so many and was indulgent as it was. Such a beautiful place!

    1. Lony, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. One of these days I will find a way to be more diligent about posting again. You wouldn’t think it should be a challenge and that I’ve all the time in the world. But that book. Still not finished. Appreciate that you took the time to comment very much!

    1. You are always welcome! Glad you enjoyed. If you click on them, they’ll expand to a larger size — perhaps even their original size which is pretty huge.

  6. Thank you the reminder that the sun does shine and there is green grass under all this snow and ice. Your pictures are beautiful. I was born in Rockland and raised in Thomaston, but now I am a NH resident. My place of choice for any vacation has always been the Thomaston area. I never miss the opportunity to get to Wasses in Rockland for a couple of hot dogs, the Keag in S.Thomaston for a crab sandwich and of course Reny’s in Camden for retail therapy. I try to aways walk the breakwater in Rockland harbor as well as the boardwalk along the shore. When time permits, it’s fun to go further down east to Fort Knox. Maine truly is “the way life should be” and your photos clearly show that.

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