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Orange Blueberry Yogurt Bread

We nearly always have oranges at home.  To me, it’s no different than having lemons, limes, garlic and onions.  They’re all essential.  The only difference is that I can eat an orange by itself without having to do anything to it.  More often than not, though, the oranges end up in something I’m cooking.  Usually […]

Kelly Cooks

Just wanted to let you know if you’re interested, you can find me at today.  Making cinnamon rolls.  After quite the fight with software today, I just decided that it was easier to try a broadcast just so I could speak with friends since the whole IM for Yahoo didn’t work. So I’m not […]

Food Blog Hold Up…

Hi all.  I have a house full right now since family has been evacuated from the fires here in San Diego.  I can’t camp out at the computer to write like I normally do, and cooking is a bit tight — at least from the experimental cook-shoot-blog perspective. But my next Daring Baker deadline is […]