Paris Perspective: Montmartre

Paris Perspective:  Montmartre

Rainy Day Cafe

I sift through the photos of our recent trip realizing what I often do.  I wish it wasn’t over.  That I’d like to be there now in so many of the places we ventured, the clock slowed enough to allow for the details I capture with my camera, then forget about until I upload them and begin to edit.

I wonder.

A tub with a view

If I went without my camera, would I notice anything differently?  Might I be able to absorb it all without looking through the lens and pushing that shutter button as often as I do?  I know I’m willing to take some risks in life, but that probably isn’t one.  And I thank goodness for my very patient husband who volunteers to carry the camera bag, and stops whenever I do, waiting for me to do what I do.
Montmartre chimney pots


A month has passed since our return and I know I’ve transitioned to the wistful state of wondering when we’ll be able to go again.  Even the most minute difficulty experienced while traveling (or not so minute as was the case for this trip) has passed into the grey area of my otherwise ridiculously accurate memory, now replaced by what I’m seeing in the images I brought back.

Rue Gaston Coute

When I think of them, I realize they’re categorized by views and street scenes, the shops and window displays that always get my attention, architecture, the people, and Montmartre, where we stayed.  That’s as good a place as any to begin.

Montmartre, an old village in its own right until Paris grew around the butte it spills over, has La Basilique du Sacre Coeur perched at the top.  It’s a place which has always been connected with artists, performers, and once upon a time, those seeking tax-free wine. After sifting through what seemed to be every apartment rental in Paris, I realized I wanted to see rooftops and chimney pots when I looked out a window.  The decision where to stay was simple after that.

Just how many photos can one take of rooftops and chimney pots?  Well.  I’ll save those for later.

In the meantime, enjoy my perspective of Montmartre and its unique charm.  And if you visit, don’t skip the touristy spots, but do take time to walk around the streets and enjoy this part of Paris we enjoyed so much.

<img alt="Montmartre Paris"/>


<img alt="Montmartre Paris"/>

Vin Rose + Chocolat Chaud
<img alt="Montmartre Paris Cafe"/>
Square Joel Le Tac, Montmartre

<img alt="Montmartre Paris"/>


<img alt="Montmartre Paris"/>

La Part des Anges, Bistrot a Vin

Steps of Sacre Coeur


Sacre Coeur Gargoyle

Paris from Sacre Coeur

I’ve got far more to share, so if you’re interested, you can find the rest of my Montmartre set on Flickr here.  And if you’re planning a trip to Paris, I’ve written about my preparation for our vacation to France and Germany at kellementology, my often neglected writing blog. I’ve included a variety of links that I enjoyed as I planned for Paris in particular.

As far as the rest of our time in Paris goes, all things in good time.  As always, thanks for stopping by!