Paris: The City of Light by Night

Paris:  The City of Light by Night

Paris takes on a special quality at night.  Especially on a warm Friday evening.  But it was lovely in the rain, and on chilly evenings as well.

The Eiffel Tower lights up and sparkles to the oohs and aahs of those watching.  We happened to be among them, of course.

<img alt="Notre Dame Gargoyles at Night"/>

And the Gargoyles of Notre Dame de Paris take on an even more sinister quality in the lights that cast their glow upward.

<img alt="Notrre Dame at Night"/>

<alt img="Notre Dame Interior Lights"/>

The interior is perfectly lit, making an Olivier Latry organ concert one evening even more special.

<img alt="Paris Notre Dame at Night"/>

<alt img="On the Pont au Double Paris"/>

<img alt="Paris Night on the Pont au Double"/>

<img alt"Cafe Jade Paris"/>

<img alt=Bar de Marche Paris"/>

<alt img="Night Owls on Rue Gregorie de Tours"/>

Rue Grégoire de Tours in Saint-Germain-des-Prés is quite the happening place late at night.

<img alt="Paris Neon"/>

<img alt="Happy Hour in the 6th Paris"/>

Well past Happy Hour in the 6th Arrondissement on a Friday evening.

<img alt="Danton Paris"/>

<alt img="Pont Royal Lights Paris"/>

<img alt="Paris Pont du Concorde at Night"/>

<img alt="Paris Night Kitchen"/>

Through the window of a restaurant on Ile Saint-Louis.

<img alt="Notre Dame Gargoyles"/>

<alt img="Night Gargoyles on the Rue du Cloitre Notre Dame"/>

<img alt="Piano Players on a Night in Paris"/>

 A little music in the streets our last night in Paris.  I swear the man in the suit looks like Dan Stevens, but his hair is all wrong.  Or is it?

<img alt="Paris Metro at Night"/>

Making sure there was enough time to get back to the apartment before the Metro closed was exhilarating.  Everyone else was hustling along as well.

"alt img="Paris Hotel"/>

<alt img"Paris Night Owls"/>

<alt img=Paris Streetlight at Pont Neuf"/>

Pont Neuf’s interesting line up of faces carved in the stone made me want to photograph each one, but…

<alt img="At the Seine"/>

<alt img="Night Lights on the Seine Paris"/>

Such a beautiful evening.

<img alt="Paris at night"/>

It seems never to get completely dark.

<img alt="Cabaret de la Boheme Paris"/>

<alt img="Choclat Chaud"/>

A late night cuppa for the mister.

<img alt="Eiffel Tower at Night"/>