Another New Year for You and I

Last Sunset of 2013


It’s about 7:30 pm west coast time and my youngest son, husband, and I are together in our family room doing not much of anything but enjoying a relaxing evening.  Another son will come at a promised 8 pm with his sweetheart and we’ll indulge ourselves in food that hasn’t been planned for or prepared carefully.  That would make it appropriate for us in celebrating the dawn of a new year.

We’re all about crackers and spreadable cheese on this particular night, and the boys swear it’s not a party unless Lit’l Smokies smothered in barbeque sauce are on the menu.  I think I’ve always gone along with it because by this time, I’m more than tired of cooking and cleaning up, and so welcome my husband’s offer to go to the store with a list of what to purchase.  Tonight’s fare includes a loaf of French bread (the fluffy kind from the grocery store) which will be split in half lengthwise, then slathered in pizza sauce, sprinkled with cheese, and finished with pepperoni slices.

Let’s review:  processed everything.  It’s an only once every often proclivity.  I promise.

Earlier this evening I asked my husband how often we’ve gone all out to celebrate the new year and decided it was once every five years or so.  That’s quite enough.  And when we consider that last year we were in Las Vegas to celebrate just to say we were, well, we’re due for “back to our regularly scheduled programming” this year.

I spent some time today going through my iPhone photos choosing many I had taken throughout this past year to make a collage.  As always, I can never choose a few because so many memories are attached to each.  But I did notice that very few were of food.  When I consider that the whole point of this site’s existence is to share stories and photos of food, clearly something has changed.  I’ve sort of fallen out of love with food.

I thought about writing one of those melodramatic goodbyes months ago.  Deleting everything posted here crossed my mind more than once.  But time does work its wonders and because of that, I’m thinking I might be able to find a place for writing here occasionally.  No schedule.  No plans.  Enough to make anyone who thrives on organization and a solid routine to run crazed for the hills.  At this point in my life, I know more than anything that I have to do what I want when I want to do it if creating something is involved.  You may shake your head in disappointment and think, “How self-indulgent,” and I would agree.  But I’ve learned when my heart isn’t involved in an effort, then I’ll be reminded each time I look at the end product.

I like that when I sit to put words in a space,  I can just write.  I also like to share my photos, but I also realize that forcing myself to only shoot photos of food is incredibly limiting and that writing about food keeps me from writing about other things.  You know what is said about moderation.  I guess that’s what I’ve been attempting to do with time and distance to help me succeed.

So here I am, apologizing for disappearing, yet thinking of how to move forward.

No plan, no organization.  Simply a will to create.

I’d say that’s a step in the correct direction.

For me.

Happy New Year to you and yours.  May the next year present wonderful opportunities for you to relax and enjoy the tiny things in life that go unnoticed when we’re running around like chickens with our heads off.



23 thoughts on “Another New Year for You and I

  1. Uncanny..I have been thinking of you because you all but stopped shortly in my mind after I found you..I thought something had happened and I was not following anymore..I remembered Paris etc..but not the name of the blog:-)
    Finally I remembered a recipe and went to my Interest boards and there you were..I had missed but one or two posts.
    That’s how much I liked your blog..I do hope you share once in a while..:-) Great photos..not contrived..:-)
    All the very best to you this year..

  2. It brightened my morning to find your post in my in basket! I don’t mind waiting for a post, or if food is not a part of your story. I have a unique philosophy on blogging, blog when you want, about what you want. It keeps it real, creative and it tells your story. Our stories all unfold differently. And this is so exciting! Happy New Year Kelly!

    1. So good to hear from you, Deb! You’ve said what several of my friends have patiently told me and with the perspective I now have, can finally make sense of. I’m looking forward to what comes! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to share your thoughts! Happy New Year to you!

  3. Happy New Year! What a pleasant surprise it was to see your post in my inbox. Pictures are nice, but what really keeps me coming back to a blog is the writer’s voice, and I’ve missed yours. Looking forward to reading whatever you come up with in 2014!

    1. Thanks much, Terri! I have noticed a couple of times that I’ve missed it as well so have been wanting to write something. I have an idea that may keep me entertained — we’ll see what happens. Appreciate that you stopped by.

  4. Ever since I met you at BlogHer Food several years ago, I have enjoyed reading your blog. You are always so genuine in your writing and your photos are beautiful. I haven’t keep up with blogs much over the last year (being pregnant with and having twins will do that to you!) but I have enjoyed reading your blog again. I selfishly hope that you blog more often than not but also realize that taking a break is a wonderful thing as well.

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year!


    1. Heather, it’s amazing where the time goes! That was my first time at a BlogHer conference and it seems like it was recently. You’re so sweet to take the time to say such nice things. You have a much better excuse than I do for not keeping up with blogs. TWINS! Oh, my! I’ve just had to distance myself from all of it — even reading. But I’ve missed it and the people I’ve come to know over the years — like you 🙂 Here’s to a great 2014!

  5. I was so happy to see you posted today!! I love your writing and definitely miss it, but totally understand that life happens sometimes! I hope you’ll stop in occasionally to let us know how you’re doing!!

  6. Joanne, you are so good at keeping up with blogging. I’ve missed reading your posts to see what you’re up to. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I so understand you, ( I think you probably give a voice to the thoughts in my head about blogging. Yep, including the falling out of love with food. Wow. That was a shocker).
    Anyway… I love the way you wrote this post, and am patient enough to see if there will be more, uderstanding when there are not. <3

  8. i’ve been missing your gorgeous photos and wonderful words, but i can definitely understand where you’re coming from. happy 2014!

  9. Happy New Year! I think all of us find that our writing needs to evolve to what is important to us at that time. When you do that, the words flow so much easier! I’m happy to see you’ll be back… whenever and however makes you the happiest!

  10. Hope your 2014 is a healthy, and happy one, Kelly. I have been following your blog for years , and have really missed your voice. But you’re right…there comes a time in life when we deserve to do what we want. Stay happy!

  11. Kelly, I stopped by now because I am visiting all the bloggers who commented on my blog during its first year. I’m calling it my Commenter Appreciation Weekend — believe me, all comments are appreciated but never moreso than that first year when comments were so scarce!

    I’m so glad you didn’t take your site down and that you might post from time to time when the spirit moves you. That just makes sense to me, though I haven’t really thought of an exit strategy yet. I guess when the time comes, one just knows it.

    Wishing you all the best, Jean

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