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I should call this the Monet salad.  I’m teasing, of course, but whenever I see varying tones of green and purple with touches of blue, I think of French Impressionist Claude Monet’s most famous and recognizable series of paintings — Waterlilies.


Well hello. I hope you’re well.  I have been — at least until a few days ago when I felt a bit of a sore throat that was at first more a reason to laze around than anything else.  I’m not much of a laze around type, so when I feel the urge to do […]


Slow Roasted Elephant Garlic

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November 7, 2012

I took my Mac to the Apple store recently because I was notified that its serial number was one marked as having a hard drive that could potentially fail.  I dropped it off, a new hard drive was installed free of charge by the next day, and I was able to restore all the data […]


Sometimes when I’m at the market, I come across bags of brightly colored carrots — carrots in a deep burgundy and cheerful yellow nestled with the expected orange.  Once in a while there are a few  very pale yellow carrots in the mix as well, but the burgundies are what I think most striking.  Once […]


If you’ve been reading here for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve come across at least one comment I’ve made about squash in general.  It’s something I didn’t learn to like until I was in my early twenties with two babies at home and a small garden that produced zucchini the size of battleships.  […]