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Green Smoothie

green smoothie recipe from sass & veracity

Oh, the over indulgences of the weekend.  New recipes tried and sampled a bit too much.  Football season in full gear, so lounging more than we normally might, our comfies donned, windows snapped shut against chilly and unexpectedly damp breezes.  Projects stalled while we stay indoors making like house potatoes.

Thank goodness for Monday morning and snapping back to a schedule.  For thinking about all that might be accomplished in a week’s time.  Promising myself to get back to healthy eating.



In the meantime, smoothies help.  I’ve become addicted to them — especially the green ones.

So very, very good.

What ingredients do you like in your green smoothies?

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Seeded Oat Spelt Bread


My husband and I have been on a diet.  I suppose we finally noticed ourselves in the double-mirrored closet doors we pass frequently in daily comings and goings, stopping long enough on one recent occasion to wonder, “Who are they, and what happened to us?”  Or perhaps it was that as well as the stereotypical question one considers when the last child leaves the house and the next 50 years of one’s life stretch ahead:  Now what will we do? Goodness knows the possibilities are nearly limitless, but considering engaging in new adventures sporting matching muffin tops isn’t an attractive option.  Hence, the diet.

Eat less, exercise more.  Watch portions, no seconds.  Eat whole grains, dark greens, and brightly colored vegetables and fruit.  Cut back on the Coke (him) and the wine (me).  Not exactly rocket science, I know, but I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t feel like cooking.   It’s easier to slice cucumbers and dip them into a two tablespoon ration of roasted garlic hummus I purchase instead of making it myself.  I know.  Make my own hummus.  I have before.  Does that count?

I have been fairly diligent about baking whole grain bread the two of us chew on throughout the week, on mornings toasted and smeared with a bit of apple butter, or at lunch with an ounce of cheese.  No cooking involved outside of the initial bake, and it has been fun experimenting.

With the toothsome texture of this loaf made primarily of spelt, at least I’ll know we’ll have thin cheeks.

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