Pierre Hermé’s Traveling “Tango”

July 29, 2013 Baked

I thought I’d take a break from posting photos of our trip to Paris to give those who would rather look at food a break.  It’s only fair, I guess, after holding everyone captive with my vacation photos. But I will warn you this is still connected to Paris in a six degrees of separation […]

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Paris: The City of Light by Night

July 24, 2013 Living

Paris takes on a special quality at night.  Especially on a warm Friday evening.  But it was lovely in the rain, and on chilly evenings as well.

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Paris Perspective: Montmartre

July 13, 2013 Living

I sift through the photos of our recent trip realizing what I often do.  I wish it wasn’t over.  That I’d like to be there now in so many of the places we ventured, the clock slowed enough to allow for the details I capture with my camera, then forget about until I upload them […]

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To Paris via London Heathrow: An Epic Tale

June 24, 2013 Living

Our recent trip to Europe has come and gone, and taking longer than I expected to recover from jet lag, I had time to do what I always do after we get home from a long trip:  edit photos.  It’s something I enjoy quite a bit, believing that it helps form strong memories of places […]

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San Diego Patio Garden Makeover

May 16, 2013 DIY Project

 Welcome to our patio garden! More years ago than I’d like to admit, we began to work on the patio that wraps along the back and one long side of our house.  Our front yard is the size of a postage stamp that the association’s landscapers tend,  so the patio is where I garden — […]

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