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Casatiello:  Italian Brioche

Casatiello: Italian Brioche

I’ve been trying to guilt myself into finishing what needs to be finished lately and in the process have confirmed what I suspected:  I am a closet un-finisher — someone who can run a great race then come to a dead stop inches from the 

Grape Foccacia:  The Joy of Artisan Olive Oil Dough

Grape Foccacia: The Joy of Artisan Olive Oil Dough

I love bread.  It doesn't really matter which type of bread — I love it.  There are some kinds I enjoy more than others, but when it comes to the hypnotic smell of yeast and the contrast of a chewy crumb encased in a crunchy 

Chocolate Almond Cheesecake

Chocolate Almond Cheesecake

<img alt="chocolate almond cheesecake"/>

Three more days until we leave for Italy.  Only three.  Do you have any idea how crazy I am making sure everything is just so?  Perfectly arranged?  Meticulously organized?  I’m a stark raving madwoman.

I feel like Martha must.

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Fresh Cherry Gelato

Fresh Cherry Gelato

When my husband and I got married oh so many years ago, we couldn’t afford an extravagant honeymoon, but we were able get away for a few days just to dream a little about possibilities.  So we headed to San Francisco and stayed at what