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Individual Chocolate Soufflés with Crème Anglaise

<alt img="Individual Chocolate Souffles with Creme Anglaise"?>

The 15th of this month rolled around much more quickly than I anticipated, even with some thoughtful planning. We were away the last week of May and first week of June, and I thought it would be just fine to get the second challenge for our fledgling baking group, Baking on the 15th, done after our return. The recipe for “Individual Chocolate Souffles with Crème Anglaise” is very straightforward, and I’m no stranger to soufflés. Anything made with chocolate is motivating. What possibly could interfere?

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Strawberry Choux Cake

<alt img="Strawberry Choux Cake"/>

I actually did it.

I baked something recently just for the sake of it and enjoyed every minute of the experience–almost. Kitchen solitude for an entire day, going through the motions, cleaning as I worked–it was lovely. This confirms that starting a baking group and looking forward to baking at least once a month was a perfect decision. Ah, but then there’s the writing that accompanies it.

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10 Best London Activities for Travelers

<alt img="Trafalgar Square"/>

In two weeks, we’ll be traveling again. We’ve been told that’s what we do; we travel instead of vacation. I had no idea there was a difference when the elderly Welsh man who asked if we were Americans explained it over our dinner of fish & chips with mushy peas. He was right. That makes me our official travel planner. Although everything is nearly always set in stone with arrangements made and checked, then checked again, our trip doesn’t seem a reality until I feel the butterflies of excitement for the first time. That was yesterday, and since that moment, I’ve thought of little else. After a brief stop in London, we’ll head to Scotland–our first visit there.

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Back to Baking

<alt img="I Used to Bake"/>

Another year has nearly gone since my last post. Each time I promise to write more often, everything else seems to be more important. Of course, cooking the easiest meals possible and baking nothing in months is an even better reason considering the main reason for this site is food.

In a recent jaywalk, I happened onto an announcement that the Daring Bakers had decided to call it quits. Although the website is still up and running, there will be no more challenges. My nostalgia has been strong enough to get me thinking about baking regularly again. Once a month certainly isn’t enough to keep me from anything I’m currently involved in (read supposed to be doing), and at this point in time, I believe I need and will benefit from the pleasant diversion baking provides. There is something about planning, gathering ingredients, and staying on a set course step by step to its conclusion. I miss it.

I also miss the camaraderie that comes  when a community engages in the same task at the same time. I know Facebook isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it has allowed me to stay in touch with so many of the Daring Baker members I met ten years ago.

That said, I have an announcement!

I’ve decided to start a baking group for anyone interested. Everyone is invited to participate each month as personal tastes and calendars allow. The guidelines will be simple and as flexible as someone chooses to make them, experimentation will be encouraged, and hopefully, we’ll have fun while we learn something new.

If you’re interested, then head on over to read about the details on Baking on the 15th.

Our first recipe (should we choose to accept the challenge!) is Strawberry Choux Cake. Think giant cream puff and you might be close.

I guess this means I’ll be more diligent about writing here at least once a month.


A Yank’s Dorset Apple Cake

<alt img="Dorset Apple Cake"/>

I haven’t baked much of anything for the past few years unless a birthday or special occasion required it. It isn’t that I no longer enjoy baking; I consider it a relaxing activity — especially when I can take my time and get involved in the process.  Redirected habits are primarily to blame for why I no longer fire up my oven as much as I used to, but I miss it and enough time has passed that I’ve managed to try a few new recipes. A Dorset Apple Cake, for starters. Of course this was inspired by our last trip.

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